Step into the World of Biossentials

Nature is fragrant, beautiful, pure and simple. The scent of a pine forest, the refreshing aroma of rosemary or the sweet ethereal fragrance of jasmine are nature’s therapy for the senses – Aromatherapy. The vibration and energy of the natural world are reflected in Biossentials products and our DIY methods invite the creation of customised spa and beauty treatments, not simply scooping them ready made from a tube or jar.

Biossentials Aromatherapy Collection

Aromatherapy Collection

Experience Biossentials’ pure and natural essential oils, massage oils, body care and lifestyle products.

Biossentials Tropical Spa Collection

Tropical Spa Collection

Exotic Asian inspired traditional spa, body and lifestyle products with pure flower and plant essences.

Biossentials Lavender Collection

Lavender Collection

Step into nature’s garden the delicate scent of organic lavender and bergamot.

Biossentials Facial Collection

Facial Care Collection

Aromatherapy facial care with pure essential oils reveal the healing power of nature for healthy, glowing skin.