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Contents of Training Series Volume 5


biossentials button  History and benefits

The Thai Herbal Steam Bath

biossentials button  Description   
biossentials button  Instructions for use  
biossentials button  Preparing the steam bath  
biossentials button  Step by step instructions  

Thai Herbal Compress

biossentials button  History and benefits
biossentials button  Instructions for usage
biossentials button  Preparation of herbal compress ball

Herbal Compress Massage Sequence

biossentials button  Warm Up & Back & Shoulders
biossentials button  Legs (Posterior)
biossentials button  Legs (Anterior)
biossentials button  Stomach
biossentials button  Arms & Hands
biossentials button  Finishing sequence

Professional Practices

biossentials button  General Information on Massage Therapy
biossentials button  Contraindications
biossentials button  Conducting a Professional Spa Treatment
biossentials button  Creating a Conducive Environment
biossentials button  Positioning and Draping your Client
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