Biossentials Lavender Collection

lavender collection

Step into nature’s garden every time you experience our Lavender Collection range of products.

The Lavender Collection brings together two of nature’s most favorite essential oils. Organic Lavender and Bergamot each contain valuable properties to enhance wellbeing and uplift the spirit. Lavender traditional home remedy is favoured to soothe and nurture the skin and help relax our body and mind. Bergamot is a superb oil for the skin and its fresh sweet scent is a perfect choice to calm tension, worry and anxiety.

The fragrant energies of certified organic lavender and bergamot essential oils enriched with naturally derived plant ingredients brings a soothing sense of tranquility and calm to body and mind. Dream of lavender fields and feel wonderfully relaxed and at peace.
Soothe your mind and body with the uplifting energies of organic bergamot combined with relaxing lavender.
Biossentials LeafBODY CARE
The fragrant energies of pure organic lavender and bergamot gently uplift and calm body and mind. Available as body oil, shower gel and moisturising lotion.
Biossentials LeafBODY BAR
Lavender eco friendly body bar with pure lavender essential oil cleanses the body naturally.
Biossentials LeafHAIR CARE
Lavender Collection shampoo and conditioner with pure plant oils gently cleanse and nourish for soft manageable hair.
Biossentials LeafTRAVEL SET
Our handy five piece Lavender Collection travel set makes an ideal travel companion.
Dream of lavender fields with a soothing eye pillow in shades of lavender. Fragrance your environment naturally with our collecton of aroma burners.
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