Biossentials floral water toners

floral water toners

100% natural genuine floral waters are derived from the steam distillation of aromatic plants and flowers. The most soothing water soluble compounds found in the plant (including small amounts of essential oils) are naturally contained in the floral waters. Alcohol free pure floral waters gently tone, hydrate and refresh the skin. Use daily as a natural skin toner. May also be used as a body spray or as a pick-me up spritzer.
Chamomile Blend Floral Water – Organic
A combination of German Chamomile, Bulgarian Damask Rose and Lavender organic Floral Waters that are especially soothing and gentle for sensitive and delicate skin. Also useful for tired and red eyes due to strain, allergy or airborne pollution.
Lavender Floral Water – Organic
Created from the distillation of Organic Lavender Essential Oil. Useful for mildly blemished or oily skin with natural anti-bacterial properties. Gently tones, refreshes and hydrates the skin with calming and balancing properties. Helps to soothe sunburned skin.
Orange Blossom (Neroli) Floral Water – 100% Natural
Distillation of the fragrant orange blossom flower which creates Neroli Essential Oil. Useful for normal, combination or oily skin. With soothing and uplifting properties to balance and harmonise the skin. Refreshing jasmine like scent makes a great pick-me-up spritzer.
Damask Rose Floral Water – Organic
Created from the distillation of the exquisite Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil. Contains humectant properties useful for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and coupe rose skin. Refreshing and soothing to the skin, beautifully fragrant rose floral water can also be used to gently scent the hair or body.
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