Biossentials Aromatherapy Collection

aroma vaporisers

Select from our range of aroma vaporisers to create a warm fragrant environment in the home, workplace, hospital, hotel or spa.
Electric Vaporiser
The electric vaporiser provides a modern and economical way of vaporising essential oils safely. Designed to operate at lower temperatures than candle operated burners the electric vaporiser can be used in the home, workplace, hospital, nursing home, hotel or spa. Comes with 12 month warranty. 220 / 240 voltage.
Available colours: white or black
Wavy Glass Burner
Each two piece wavy glass burner creates a warm aromatic glow for home of office. The elegant burner comes boxed with a 4 hour t-light candle.
Available colours: Orange, Dark Blue, Light Purple or Red.
Biossentials Wavy Glass Burner