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about us

We believe it's what inside that counts and focus on providing safe, ethical products in simple reusable packaging that can be readily transformed or combined into a variety of usage options for professional, home or personal use. We are passionate to ensure every product in our range delivers exceptional value and quality whilst maintaining our commitment and responsibility to care for our environment. All our products are free from animal’s derived ingredients and are cruelty free.

We delight in sharing our extensive range of products we have chosen for their life enhancing qualities. Essential oils not only give beautiful fragrant energy to the environment, their therapeutic qualities benefit many aspects of life harmonizing body, mind and spirit. Our comprehensive range of professional quality essential oils and blends are guaranteed to be 100% pure and natural. Sourced around the globe from trusted growers and producers all oils are tested for authenticity, purity and quality. Every premium oil is derived from the first distillation and many of our oils are wild harvested or organic.

To complement our Aromatherapy essential oils and blends, and provide the opportunity to create eco-friendly natural products for personal, home and professional use, our plant-derived range also includes as shown by chart:
Cold Pressed Carrier Oils Infused Herbal Oils Tropical Spa Products
Body Scrubs & Masks Skin Friendly Creams & Lotions Facial Care Products
Hair Care Products Foot Care Products Body Care Products
Spa Products Marine Products Training DVD Series
Enjoy the most luscious Spa rituals and beautiful fragrant energies of nature with our convenient 'Your Tropical Spa' and 'Your Personal Spa' body care kits and 'Your Home Spa' facial care kits. Each kit provides a delightful at-home experience including traditional body scrubs and envelopments, aromatherapy salt scrubs and Aromatherapy facial care treatments.

To find out more about each product, please click onto our Retail Collection section for detailed information. For those in the Professional Body Care and Spa Industry please check out our Professional Collection section.

Biossentials' Aromatherapy accessories and gift items complete our range. Electric diffusers, candle aroma diffusers and car diffusers scent your environment naturally. Our beautiful range of hand crafted eye pillows, sachets and mini pillows come in richly coloured fabrics and contain a delightful 18th century blend of flowers, herbs and pure essential oils that will calm and soothe the senses.

Caring for you naturally,
Joanne Bruce ND and Lynn Lim ND